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We are available to assist with any issues you may have concerning the course materials on this site. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with your studio set-up, it’s possible we might be able to help but be prepared to submit a troubleshoot ticket with your product manufacture.

Some recommendations

-External Hard Drive- 7200rpms (speed)

-Max out your memory for best CPU performance

-Shut down your computer when not in use

-Pop filter in front of mic for better sound

-Back up your work via cloud or extra hard drive

-Set up auto save if your DAW supports it

-Always turn down fader volume knob before (de)connecting a mic/ instrument

-Drink coffee for extreme production vampire powers

-Have fun when you create

Thanks for reaching out

We take pride in our work as musicians and music producers. Our focus is to help you discover the kreatve artist in you. Remember, music is art. You’re the Artist. Paint your picture!